Saturday, December 16, 2017

Conditions of Joining Us

Conditions of Joining the Campaign’s Membership

1.     Membership is open for all individuals from all nations world-wide regardless their; sex or gender, tribe, ethnic group, religion, etc.
2.     The candidate must be good in English mainly in writing and reading this is especially for those who are willingly to join the; international, regional and national organizing committees. But for those who will join the local organizing committees, they must be good in the languages of their local communities whether English language or other languages, mainly in writing and reading.
3.     The candidate must have a bachelor degree in any field as a minimum required educational level.
4.     The candidate must have an experience of at least three years in any field.
5.     The candidate must not be judged before in any criminal case.
6.     The candidate must be good in computer in general and internet in particular.
7.     The candidate must have; mobile phone number, social network account and email account.
8.     The candidate must have personal and good access to internet.
9.     The candidate must get copies of the following documents; the campaign’s booklet, the booklet of the New World Order Learning Centre and the campaign’s Terms of Services or Agreement. Moreover, the candidate must accept all what have been mentioned in these documents.
10.                         The candidate must fill the membership forms in order to join the campaign’s organizing committees.

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