Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Consequence of Killing

Daily Words of Encouragement
By Priest Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde
Our Verse of Today (22/11/2017)
     “Then the king commanded Benaiah, “Do as he says. Strike him down and bury him, and so clear me and my whole family of the guilt of the innocent blood that Joab shed.” (1 Kings 2: 31)
The Title of Our Today’s Topic: The Consequence of Killing
     The previous verse was said by King Solomon to the commander in chief of his army Benaiah when the king ordered him to kill the ex-commander in chief of King David’s army Joab.
      From our verse of today we can learn these very important and valuable points:
1.     Before the death of King David, he told his successor his son King Solomon to kill Joab his army’s commander in chief for the illegal killings that Joab did to some top leaders in his government because what Joab did had brought suspicious and blames against King David and his family.
2.     When Solomon took the Kingship officially and he started to clear his government from some bad elements who had tried to prevent him from kingship, Joab one of those bad elements managed to escape into the tent of meeting, the official place of Jews’ worship by then, with hope that he would not be killed there.
3.     But unfortunately when he refused to come out from the tent of meeting by saying that let Benaiah kill him there, of course King Solomon ordered Benaiah to do what he had said. So lastly Joab was killed inside the tent of meeting.

     My dear fellow Christians in general and Churches’ leaders in particular, when we are in power let us not misuse it otherwise we will reap the consequences of that soon or later on. But when we use it positively and perfectly; we, our successors and others also will enjoy the fruits or blessings of that.

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