Monday, December 25, 2017

The New World Order Campaign - Public Announcement for India

The New World Order Campaign
(A Multi Purposes Global Campaign)
Our Motto
     “Let us work together for a better world; spiritually, socially, economically and politically”.
Public Announcement
     The higher organizing committee of the new world order campaign is hereby calling all nations world-wide, in order to participate in this historical event as follows:
·        The Launching Date: Monday 1st. January, 2017. 
·        The Campaign’s Period: three years from 2018 to 2020.
·        This campaign is about mobilizing all nations concerning ten programs of; public mobilization about the new world order campaign, conflicts resolution, reconciliation, peace building, combating of crimes, spiritual revival for Christians, salvation of the descendants of Ham (The Hamites), national salvation for the countries that have armed conflicts or severe political crisis, modern system of governance for the formation and reorganization of the; tribal, ethnic and modern state kingdoms or republican states and lastly the program of community development projects for the delivery of different community development services.  
·        This campaign will be organized online and on ground as well.
·        For More Information about the Campaign please kindly, check below:

·        Notice:
     All the topics and documents in our blog are in English language. Therefore, for those who don’t know English language are kindly asked to translate it online through goggle translate to the languages they know. Moreover, we will do our level best to translate these topics and documents into all the; international, regional, national and local languages gradually from January, 2018 onward as much as possible as we can.

The Higher Organizing Committee

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