Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Online Job Notice (For you and for others through you)

The New World Order Campaign
(A Multi Purposes Global Campaign)
Our Motto
     “Let us work together for a better world; spiritually, socially, economically and politically”.
Online Job Notice (For you and for others through you)
     The Higher Organizing Committee of the New World Order Campaign is hereby announcing to the public our need to online employees to work from; their houses, any public places or elsewhere and at any suitable time, the following is the summary of our fields of work:
1.     Management of; websites, blogs and applications including; social media, email, control panels, dashboards, etc.
2.     Recording of; audio and video.
3.     Photographing.
4.     Editing of; photos, audio and video.
5.     Creation or setting up of e-books.
6.     Writing of articles in any field.
7.     Chatting through; SMS, telephone and video calls.
8.     Typing on; computer or tablets or mobile phones plus; photocopying, scanning, binding, etc.
9.     Web; designing, development and maintenance.
10.    Hosting management or dealing with servers.
11. Online campaigns, searching engines optimization (SEO) and using of auto sharing applications for wide and fast delivery of posts.
12.  E commerce or online marketing.
13.  Office management.
14.   Human resources management.
15. Organizing of online; group discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, administrative meetings, etc.
16.  Online teaching through presentation of; topics, tests or exams, marking, setting up the final results, etc.
17. Presentation of any topic in any field such as; sermons, teachings, lectures, results of group discussions, etc. That can be recorded in audio and video. 
18.  Leadership (Leading of; small, medium and big group of people).
19. Financial management; budgeting, making of pay bills, dealing with bank accounts, online payment, securing the online payment from hackers, dealing with financial documents in general, monitoring and fighting the financial corruption, etc.
20.   Online monetization or revenue (How to make money online).
21.   Organizing and managing of online prayers for 24 hours on daily basis.
22. Other fields concerning internet that can help in perfect delivery of our campaign’s services.

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1.     All the interested persons are kindly asked to circulate this post or to share it with others as much as possible as they can.
2.     All the interested persons are kindly asked to like our Facebook Page – just click here to get it (The New World Order Campaign).
3.     All those who are willingly to join us, they must join our Online General Assembly after accepting our conditions – just click here to join (The General Assembly of the New World Order Campaign).
4.     We will appoint all the eligible applicants gradually according to special plan after that they will be distributed to work in various online locations and sectors based on the information they will provide in the registration forms.
5.     All the required information concerning this advertisement is here (Our BlogSpot Channel). It’s in English language but for those who don’t know English language, they can easily translate the whole Blog into any available languages on Google Translate (it is there on the top left bar).

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