Saturday, March 3, 2018

The New World Order Campaign – Our Word Press Channel | Our Motto: “Let us work together for a better world; spiritually, socially, economically and politically”.

Public Announcement for All Nations
All the interested persons, who want to join us, must join our Facebook
Group (The New World Order Campaign –
The General Assembly for All Nations
). After that they have to do the
1.     They must
read and accept the Campaign’s Terms of
Click here to read it.
2.     Their Facebook profiles must be complete with
accurate and correct information
(any person who will mention incomplete
and false information, will be punished soon or later on without any compromise
according to our general regulations).
3.     They must
send a copy of their National ID Card or
of their respective
for the verification of their Identities – in case somebody don’t have National ID Card or Passport for any
reason, they must send a copy of National ID Card or Passport of their contact
jointly with the
recommendation and undertaking forms by their contact persons
4.     They will be distributed into the; higher,
regional, national and local Campaign’s Organizing Committees (each person will be distributed to one
organizing committee only)
– so that they will start working from there.
5.     They will be given access to get real money from
trusted and legal online sources by doing specific online tasks or works by
themselves and for themselves
, our organizing committees will help them in
order to get as much money as possible as they can – after that they must give specific commissions to support the campaign
plus the payment of what are mentioned in the campaign’s general regulations
6.     They will be assigned to do official tasks or
works for the campaign
, on rate of two or four or eight hours per day and they will be paid for that from the 30% of
all what we will get from our online services
according to specific
criteria or plan – on the first week of
every month
7.     All those
who have been part of the following institutions;
Fraser Educational Foundation; Pre-School, Primary and Secondary School, Adult
and Illiterate Eradication and other educational programs – at Abu Saad or Fitihab
– Omdurman, Sudan (1997 – 2011),  Kenneth
Fraser Centre for Christian Education (KFCCE), Khartoum – Sudan (2007 – 2008), Kenneth
Fraser Christian Organization (KFCO), Khartoum – Sudan (2008 – 2011), Prayer
and Fasting Groups Network (PFGN) – Khartoum, Sudan (April, 2011 – August,
2011) and Juba, South Sudan (September, 2011 – June, 2014), Mercy Charitable
Fund (MCF) – (July, 2014 – December, 2015) and Kingdom of the Living God Church
– Juba, South Sudan (January, 2016 – August, 2016) – Mukono, Uganda (September,
2016 – December, 2017), they will be
given priorities in everything
privileges for them only)
because this
campaign is just a continuation or expansion for all what Rev. Knight Scopas
Juma Kamonde (the campaign’s initiator) have been doing since 1996 up to now.

The Higher Organizing Committee

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