Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Weekly Coverage about Africa: Sunday 11th. March, 2018

The Missing Role of the South Sudanese Churches towards the
Ongoing Crisis in Our Beloved Country, South Sudan
By Pastor Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde
The Chairperson of the Campaign’s Higher Organizing Committee
    My dear fellow South Sudanese Christians wherever you are, today I am addressing you very seriously and without any compromise concerning the role of our Churches, inside and outside South Sudan, towards the ongoing general crisis in our beloved country as follows:
A.   You the South Sudanese Churches’ Leaders in particular and Christian Servants in general: I don’t have enough time to salute or greet you, I just want to rash forward to the core of my message to you… Very big and heavy shame on most of you – with due respect to some of you, for your missing role towards the ongoing general crisis in our beloved country!!! All the other stakeholders including; politicians, community base organizations and others, even the regional and international communities are doing their level best to find solutions to our crisis, yet they fail – why? Because there is some hidden or spiritual part that they ignore, which is (God’s anger or punishment against South Sudan because of our too much sins, by which we are blocking or paralyzing His plans towards South Sudan and automatically we are supporting Devil’s (the God’s enemy) plan in South Sudan – this point is the core reason of God’s anger towards our beloved country.
     Before I go ahead, if someone asks me, why God does punish South Sudan and leave the other nations without punishment? My answer is that, God does punish all nations without any segregation or compromise but His punishments differ from one nation to another depend on their; sins, nature, environment, living conditions, etc. In general God uses; natural factors (natural disasters) or manmade factors (such as; political differences, wars, etc.) or mixture of natural and manmade factors (like what is taking place in South Sudan/The highest level of God’s punishment – for the reasons I have mentioned before) – here are some references from the Holy Bible (2 Chronicles 7: 12 – 14, 10: 1 - 19/ Isaiah 13, 14: 24 – 32, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24/ Amos 3: 1 – 8/ Zephaniah 1 and 2).
     Once again you the South Sudanese Churches’ Leaders in particular and Christian Servants in general, so many times over the past years, I have tried to organize national days for repentance for our people, the last one was last year, nevertheless, I was blocked by; the South Sudan Council of Churches, the big plus some small Churches of South Sudan in addition to some Christian Ministries (even some of your leaders didn’t respect me as a Pastor; they didn’t reply to my messages, they told me they would call me but they didn’t, my messages were thrown carelessly, when I went for follow up I have been told  not to do that, some of them made themselves like God (so big/ bosses) by not accepting to see me and so far) – may be because of; jealousy, pride, etc. Moreover, When our President H/E Salva Kiir called for national day of repentance last year (by then I thought it was a golden chance for this program to see a light) but for my sorrow, most of you didn’t cooperate with him positively and even one of your Bishops managed to criticize him by saying; “that event was politicized” and he said also that “our President didn’t go to church for long time” (I got this information from the internet – it is here:  – once again very big and heavy shame on you, the South Sudanese Churches’ Leaders in particular and Christian Servants in general specially those who were inside South Sudan by then – with due respect to some of you. Is our President don’t have the right to do that? He has the right as a leader of our nation (especially since our top Churches’ leaders are; irresponsible, unfaithful and lazy in their duties – by then he/ our President can act on their behalf until they know what they supposed to do particularly in such circumstances or situations, since it was just a call for repentance, he didn’t say he wanted to; lead prayers, deliver the word of God or do any spiritual services, because it is not his specialization – then what was wrong in that?). Let us go to the Holy Bible and I just want to give one example, because they are so many – during the time of Prophet Jonah, the King of Nineveh by then he wasn’t a Christian (no Christianity during that time) nor a Jew, he might either be a Pagan (a person who worships other gods apart from the Living and True God, the Creator of heavens and earth) or ungodly person (a secular person). Nevertheless, when they were preached by Prophet Jonah, that King had called a compulsory fasting and prayer to the (Living God) for repentance to all his citizens (it was politicized because he had issued a royal degree, jointly with his government), yet it brought wonderful results which was God’s favor upon them or God had lifted up His anger or punishment from them (Jonah 3: 1 – 10). I am very sorry because our President didn’t use his power during that time, he supposed to; force the Churches and Mosques’ leaders to organize that program to their members, order all the markets and shops to be closed, threaten all those who will not participate (especial God’s worshippers) to be punished, etc. I am sure 100% that program would succeed like what happened during the time of Prophet Jonah. Of course the UN and some human rights organizations would oppose this initiative, but at least it would bring blessings to South Sudan. Moreover, some individuals and organizations would support that plus God would support it for sure 100%.
B. My dear South Sudanese Christians, inside and outside South Sudan in general, I just want to give you a period of three weeks from today 11th. March, 2018 up to 31st. March, 2018 in order to convince or apply administrative pressures supported with fasting and prayers to your Churches’ leaders so that they can accept the idea of (The National Day of Fasting and Prayer for Repentance – to All South Sudanese People worldwide) and I want them to come out with a decision of fixing a date for this event or program within this given period – for me I will not bother myself to communicate with them because it is your turn to do that, for me I have done my best. But if you fail to convince them, my next step is to contact the office of our President H/E Salva Kiir, to convince him so as to (recall his program of last year), but this time if he agrees, I will advise him (jointly with all the South Sudanese Rebels’ Leaders, in their respective controlled areas) to do that like what the King of Nineveh did before – this program doesn’t need any big budget, what is needed only; official degree or order by him (plus by the Rebels’ Leaders), perfect plan (I am ready to present an objective and subjective plan + others are welcome to participate), mobilization through media and financial contribution by the believers themselves in form of kind and cash for; water, juices, etc. That is all!!! But if this fails also then I will contact myself to see what I can do soon or later on (Because the Holy Spirit of God in me does not allow me to stay without doing something for the salvation of my beloved country and to the South Sudanese people as well. My personal belief, based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, is that when this program is executed or implemented properly and faithfully, it will bring blessings to South Sudan for sure (100%). Lastly, I am waiting to hear from you within the previous given period – these are my contacts (email: and mobile phone: +256775695413).                                                                                                                                                                    
All the interested persons, who want to join us, must join our Facebook Group (The New World Order Campaign – The General Assembly for All Nations).

     The New World Order Campaign is a worldwide online campaign but I have decided and planned to start with the case of South Sudan (Because charity starts from home).

Please share this message with others as much as possible as you can.

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