Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Weekly Coverage about Asia: Monday 5th. March, 2018

General Comments about the Political Crisis
In the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia
By Pastor Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde
The Chairperson of the Campaign’s Higher Organizing Committee
     My dear fellow citizens of the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia wherever you are, today I am addressing you very briefly concerning the ongoing political crisis in your countries as follows:
A.   You the intellectuals of the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia: your countries need your knowledge that should be transferred into theories and actions. Moreover, do not depend on other nations to come and develop your countries because they won’t and can’t do that – it’s you to do that. Therefore, please come and join this historical campaign because we have the required platform for that.
B.   You the people of the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia in general: please do not engage yourselves in series of chasing your presidents by force in order to bring other ones, why? Because these presidents will prepare themselves, in order to maintain their positions, through; restriction of freedom of speech, arrest of their rivals, war and so far. And when war occurs it will be followed by; killing of civilians (you the citizens), looting of your properties, general instability, running here and there and so far. Moreover, the worst thing is that; when their rivals come to power by force, because you have paved the way for them, they will not respect you, why? Simply because they (the new leaders) will say “we have come by our own power and you don’t have the right to remove us”. By then the new episode of your political series will start again (changing of this new government), do you know what will happen by then? You will chase the bad government and replace it with the worse and when you chase the worse one, the worst will come to you and so far. Therefore, you innocent citizens of the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia, please come and join this historical event (the New World Order Campaign because we have the best solutions to the problems of your countries, we will neither stand with you against your governments nor with your governments against you but we will act as neutral body).   
C.    You the government and people of Israel; really very big and heavy shame on you for what you are doing against the migrants in your country. Have you forgotten that your ancestors; Father Jacob, his sons and his grand sons and daughters were foreigners and slaves in Egypt before 3.500 years back? Or you have forgotten what your/our God, the Creator of heavens and earth told your ancestors and you as their descendants concerning the rights of foreigners in your country and your duties towards them? If you have forgotten that it is here (Deuteronomy 23: 15 – 16, 24: 14 – 18). Moreover, you have the full rights to punish any bad elements who commit crimes fairly according to the law, but at the same time do not judge all the migrants because of the few bad elements among them. Furthermore, you as God’s chosen nation and according to God’s will, must give special consideration to the migrants who came from the war torn countries, even though they came to your country illegally!!!
D.   You the migrants of the Arab and Islamic countries of Asia in; Australia, Europe and North America in particular, while you are; eating, drinking and enjoying yourselves with the blessings of your host countries, bear in mind that these blessings didn’t come from nothing but as the current President of USA said “it’s the fruits of the; struggle, knowledge, sweat and blood of their people”. Therefore, it is high time for you to do something in order to (bring back); stability, development and luxurious life to your countries and people as well. Lastly, you are invited to come and join this historical event (the New World Order Campaign) because we have the platform that through which you can do something good to your countries and people as well.
All the interested persons, who want to join us, must join our Facebook Group (The New World Order Campaign – The General Assembly for All Nations).
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