Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Weekly Coverage about Australia: Wednesday 7th. March, 2018

Special Message about the Migrants in Australia
By Pastor Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde
The Chairperson of the Campaign’s Higher Organizing Committee
     My dear citizens and the government officials of Australia wherever you are, today I am addressing you very briefly concerning the migrants in your country as follows:
A.   You the government officials of Australia: you might not expect to host thousands or millions of migrants on your land but because of the previous and current regional and global crisis mainly in Asia and Africa, a lot of people decided to flee from their countries looking for; safety, stability and good living conditions and that is why some of them are there in your country. Therefore, they need your; mercies, kindness and love not to be; mocked at or insulted or being deported back to their countries just because they are unwanted. Moreover, you have the full rights to punish any bad elements that disrespect your laws fairly but it is not acceptable to consider all of them as bad elements just because some of them are bad elements. Moreover, let them to; work, study and enjoy their lives as possible as they can.
B.     You the people of Australia in general: please kindly deal with the migrants at your country as if they are native people like you, even though some of them may be bad elements. Because who knows what will happen in their countries soon or later on such as; stability, development and prosperity or who knows what may happen to your country in terms of natural or manmade disasters that may force some of you to flee to their countries by then they will not forget your goodness so you will reap the good fruits of your; mercies, kindness and love to them. But when you mistreat them you will harvest the consequences of that for sure; soon or later on, directly or indirectly.
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