Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Weekly Coverage about the Region of Australia and It’s Surrounding Islands: Tuesday 13th. March, 2018

The Expected Role of the Australian Christians In Particular in and Outside the Region
  My dear fellow Australian Christians wherever you are, today I am addressing you very seriously concerning the expected role that you supposed to play, because you have all the required access for that, within your region and even outside your region such as in the continent of Asia as follows:
1.    Since I wanted to give you some advices concerning what you should do in and outside your region, the most important thing you must do is the (internal cleansing) – by which I mean you have to do the following:
A. Fight all types of playing sex outside marriage, from among your members especial from among your Churches leaders in particular and the other Christians servants in general, on top of that; the normal adultery, raping and homosexuality, I know you can’t do that 100% but at least you must fight that seriously and without any compromise.
B. Intensive and continuous prayers and fasting among your leaders in particular and your members in general, because this is the only practices that can bring God’s power upon and among you by then you can live in holiness and you can serve God in spirit and truth.
2.    You the big Churches and Christian Ministries of Australia, you are supposed to do your level best in order to spread the word of God/ the Gospel of Jesus Christ, intensively within your region and even outside such as in Asia, your neighbor, because you have all the required access for that – see how many millions or even billions of; Pagans, ungodly people, Muslims and Jews in Asia? It’s your responsibility to reach them through all means of communication very seriously, even the Asian Christians don’t have the access and freedom that you have, it’s up to them to accept Jesus or to reject Him, but you must preach them, why? Because they are your neighbors and you have the ability to do that – Africa is unable to help them in this issue. May be you are not interested in this issue (or you don’t care about them!!!).
3.    As part of modern and democratic country, you have the privilege to criticize your government very seriously against any decision that it may take against God’s will. Moreover, you must have good representation (through born again or spirit led Christians, not any Christian) in all the decision making institutions on top of that, the legislatures, you have to extend your representation in all the key institutions in your country so that you can play great and effective roles in directing your country according to God’s will, by then you will become a good example to the other countries in your region, even worldwide (May the Holy Spirit touch your minds and hearts so as to respond positively to this message for; His glory, your blessings and for the blessings of other nations as well, in mighty name of Jesus Christ I prayed) – please kindly, just say Amen!

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