Thursday, June 14, 2018

Public Invitation for All Community Members

      The Campaign’s Higher Organizing Committee is hereby inviting all the interested people world-wide in order to participate in this historical event as soon as possible as they can through our online and on ground services.
     You are kindly asked to join us according to the following directives:
1.     All the interested persons must read and acquire the General Information about this Campaign – it is here:
2.     After accepting our; conditions, principles, goals and programs, all the interested persons must join our Online General Assembly – click here to join (
3.     After joining our general assembly as a member, all our members are asked to join one of our Twelve Online Offices – click here to join:
4.     After joining one of our online offices, all our members must join our Online First Level Training (for one week as maximum period or two days only as intensive training) – click here to join:
5.     After completing our online first level training – all our members must join one of our Ten Internet Networks – click here to join:
6.     After joining one of our ten internet networks, all our members will be distributed by our Online Office of the Administrative Affairs in order to do two types of tasks as follows:

a.     General Tasks that must be done by all our members – click here for more details:
b.     Special Tasks that will differ from one member to another according to the information which will be collected from them.
·        Click here for more information:
·        All our members must fill Our Registration Forms for the purpose of their distribution – click here in order to fill the required forms:
·        All our members will be paid for the general and special tasks that they will be assigned to do according to specific criteria – click here for more information:

7.     After being distributed to our general and special tasks, all our members must join our Second Level training (Three Months as Normal Training or One Month as Intensive Training through the New World Order Training Center) – click here for more information about our second level training:

·        Please share this information with others as much as possible as you can for the success of this campaign.

The Office of the Chairperson

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