Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Campaign's Management and Finance


     This campaign will be managed through the following:

1.     The Campaign's Higher Organizing Committee.

2.     The Campaign's Twelve Regional Organizing Committees for the:

a.     West Asia Region.

b.     Middle Asia Region.

c.      East Asia Region.

d.     Australia and the Surrounding Islands Region.

e.     South Africa Region.

f.       Middle Africa Region.

g.     North Africa Region.

h.     East Europe Region.

i.        Middle Europe Region.

j.       West Europe Region.

k.     North America Region.

l.        South America Region.

3.     The Campaign's National Organizing Committees in the level of the capital cities of some countries if not all countries, world-wide.

4.     The Campaign's Local Organizing Committees in four levels inside some countries if not all countries, world-wide.


     This campaign will be supported financially by the;

1.     Income from some campaign's projects and services.

2.     Open contributions from the members of the campaign's organizing committees according to specific regulations.

3.     Financial support from all the interested persons.

4.     Financial support from all the interested institutions.

5.     New World Group of Multi Purposes Enterprises and its partner institutions.

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