Monday, March 26, 2018

The Campaign's Means of Implementation, Targeted Areas and People

Means of Implementation

  All the campaign's programs and services will be delivered through the following:

·        Internet.

·        Disc Flashes.

·        Mobile Phones through; short messages services (SMS), phone's memories and memory cards.

·        Publications; books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.

·        Radios.

·        Television Channels.

·        New World Order Group of Multi Purposes Enterprises and its partner institutions.

Targeted Areas

     Our targeted areas cover all countries world-wide as possible as we can.

Targeted People

     Our targeted people cover all nations as possible as we can as follows:

1.     The first group is the South Sudanese People, the Cushites world-wide, because it is planned for them by Priest Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde, to lead this campaign (Isaiah 18: 1 – 7/ Zephaniah 3: 10).

2.     The second group is the Black People or Niggers world-wide in order to create equality between them and the other nations because they are considered by the other nations as second or third class people (Luke 13: 29 -30/ James 2: 1 - 13).

3.     The third group is the descendant of Ham the son of Noah (the Hamites) world-wide in order to break Noah's curse upon them spiritually and by faith (Genesis 9: 18 – 27/ Matthew 16: 18 - 19).

4.     The forth group is all Christians from all nations in order to spread the spirit of love and unity among them (1 Corinthians 3: 1 – 23, 12: 12 – 13/ Philippians 2: 1 - 4).

5.     The fifth group is all non-Christians from all nations for their salvation and blessings (Acts 11: 19 -21/ Romans 10: 13 - 21).

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