Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blessings of God’s Elects

Daily Words of Encouragement
By Priest Knight Scopas Juma Kamonde
Our Verse of Today (11/11/2017)
     “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8: 28)
The Title of Our Today’s Topic: Blessings of God’s Elects
     The previous verse was written by Apostle Paul to the Christians of Rome before he went there as an attempt from him to comfort them meanwhile they were undergoing different types of temptations and sufferings.
      From our verse of today we can learn these very important and valuable points:
1.     To be called according to God’s purpose means we ought to be called to God’s kingdom or Church through His true servants not through devil’s agents or through those who serve devil in the name of Jesus Christ (because by then we will not be considered as God’s elects but as devil’s agents in God’s Church).
2.     After being called to God’s Church, we must prove our love to Him by obeying all His word that is in the Holy Bible; faithfully, seriously and throughout our life.
3.     After being called legally to God’s kingdom and when we keep on proving our love to God by then He will direct all things in and around us for our good as follows:
a.     Continuously God blesses what we do for our; success, progress, prosperity and luxurious life.
b.     When we face simple and short; temptations, sufferings and difficulties, God always gives us; patience, comfort, protection and courageous meanwhile He changes all these things from bad to good and at last He gives us gateways to get rid from theses situations.
c.      During the times of severe and long; temptations, sufferings and difficulties, that we may not get rid from them for any reasons, God always gives us; patience, comfort, protection, courageous, spiritual power and He strengths our faith so that we can stand firm until the end of our life.
     My dear fellow Christians, I urge you to conform your calling to God’s Church by true God’s servants otherwise you might be called by devil’s agents or through those who serve devil in the name of Jesus Christ because they are a lot everywhere world-wide and if you are a Church leader or a leader in any Christian Ministry or Organization try to know who called your followers to God’s Church if it’s not you otherwise you will host some devil’s agents who will bring a lot of; temptations, sufferings and difficulties to you and to your congregation as well.

     Moreover, if you are a true God’s worshipper, try to prove your love to God by obeying His word throughout your life and try to be in continuous fellowship with Him through; prayers, fasting and by studying the Holy Bible for your continuous; success, progress, prosperity and luxurious life. 

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