Saturday, December 16, 2017

Our Paid Members of the Campaign’s Organizing Committees

Preconditions to Join Us
     All the interested persons must download the following documents for wide and deep information about the campaign:
1.     The Campaign’s Booklet.
2.     The General Guidelines of the New World Order Learning Centre.
3.     Our Terms of Services.
4.     Our Registration Forms.
5.     Our Online Job Opportunities.

     We will pay all our employees, or those who will be accepted as members of the campaign’s organizing committees, on the first week of every month from our online revenue (currently) as well as from our on ground projects (very soon) as follows:
1.     Unfixed reasonable monthly financial incentives within the first three months after employment only.
2.     Fixed monthly financial incentives after the three months of employment and onward.
3.     Fixed monthly salaries for our contracted employees later on.

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